Thursday, October 23, 2008 - - 4 Comments

Having many gmail accounts is a problem. I forgot the gmail id with which I created this blog. Tried a lot, but couldn't and accidentally logged in today!

Though this seems to have already lost charisma now, I'll still try running this.

The winner(s) of October will be announced on Sunday this week. It will be on the basis of original content, and easy navigation.

Whether this award holds any value for you is up to you to decide. It's not required of anyone to put a link back to this blog. If you want, you can still link back though.

Can't promise any real prizes for this month. If the competition starts getting better, there might be some, but they won't be that significant!

Good luck everyone. A review of the winner blog will also be published here.

And, people who asked not to consider their blogs for the competition will be acceded to.

Submit Blog Here

It's not necessary for you to post your own blog. If you like any other Nepali blog submit it here. We will contact the blog, inform them of their addition and ask them to participate. Please Click Here to get a Javascript code to add in your page (to link to us).