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Thanks for submitting your blog. Now that you've submitted your blog, make sure that you understand these things.

1). Add our link in your blog page. A text link will do. While reviewing your blog, we need to make sure that the possible winners will get some exposure. That's why.

2). Submit your blog only once. Extra submissions will not increase your chances of winning.

3). Your blog will also be added to our blog directory. A lot of current blog directories have links of inactive bloggers. Our directory will not entertain blogs that have been inactive for six-months.

4). Awards will also be given randomly to the blogs in our directory. The awards can be Entrecard credits, or similar prizes that will help expand your blog further.

We hope to make the best Nepali blog directory, and award the titles to help in the development of Nepali Blogs.

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Anonymous said...

Good job! I have added "Nepali Blog Awards" link at my blog

उजेली said...

Thank you, I have added my blog (

Dilip Acharya said...

It's indeed an admirable work. Thanks and best wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Submitted my blog. Added the text link. A review would be OK but I am not taking part in any competition shit.

Good luck with your intentions.

Lakeside Techies said...

how can i also participate?

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Sadhana Sharma said...

Thanks for your efforts. I have added my blog too.

sunrise said...

check this link

sunrise said...

check this link

aashish said...

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It's not necessary for you to post your own blog. If you like any other Nepali blog submit it here. We will contact the blog, inform them of their addition and ask them to participate. Please Click Here to get a Javascript code to add in your page (to link to us).