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Now that you're here, let me explain what this site is about.

It's about connecting Nepali bloggers. Sure, there have been sites that have acted as Nepali Bloggers directories for quite some time. But, there haven't been sites that have awarded Nepalese bloggers.

Nepali Blog Awards is a new step in this direction. The site comes up with different awards - Blog of the Week, and Blog of the Month, and Blog of the Year. If you win these awards, your site will be featured across all of our member's sites for specific times depending on which award you've won. To start with, we are beginning with Blog of the Week Award.


1). I am a half Nepali, can I participate?
You can participate as long as your blog deals with Nepal. If you're from Nepal, and have listed this in your blog, you can participate in this program - irrespective of if you write about Nepal. Even if you're not a Nepali, but the majority of your blog articles are on Nepal, you qualify for participation.

2). What are the benefits of getting the awards?

The awards help expose your blog to a wide audience of Nepali blogs. This will help generate traffic to your blog, and at the same time you can display the Award Image on your blog and link it to the specific post in this blog that declares you a winner. So you see, your blog's reputation among your visitors also goes high.

3). So, you've spoken a lot, but how do I participate, and how do I win?

It's really simple. You just fill out the contact form on this blog, and you'll be added to our "Now Contesting" Blog Post. Remember, you have to fill the Form for Every Week, or Month that you want to participate.

Also remember to put up an image link on your site that displays the Winner List. The image link will be available in the post where you sign up for the contest. We have to do this to help our winners get something they deserve.

For a few weeks, the winners will be choosen on the basis of the Votes. To avoid fraud, we've set up some security measures that you'll know after some time. If there are less votes then the winners will be chosen by us. We don't like doing this ourself, so please VOTE! Use your Rights.

4). Do you have specific dates to hand out the awards?

Yes, we do. The Weekly Awards for each week are awarded on Sundays. The Monthly Awards are awarded on the 2nd of the next month.

5). How many times can I go on winning? Are there restrictions?

For Blog of the Month and Blog of the Year Awards, you can go on winning until you get tired of participating.

For Blog of the Week Award, you will be asked to rest for a week if you win the award thrice consequitively. You can participate after a week of rest though. We doubt this will ever happen, but in case, this is to give maximum opportunities for other bloggers as well.

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