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Dear Participating Members,

Please link to us using the following image from your blog. This image will be changed periodically to reflect the winners of the competitions we hold.


1). Right click, and click "Save Image As". Then upload the image to your blog, and link it back to us.

2). Copy and Paste the following Javascript code in your blog.

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>

This is what you get when you copy-paste the code above.

Have a good time blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks friends. There was a long felt necessity of creating such a platform. I'm happy to add the Nepali Blogger's Link Image on this blog. However, i cud not submit my blog coz i cud not find hw to.

ABC Blog

Submit Blog Here

It's not necessary for you to post your own blog. If you like any other Nepali blog submit it here. We will contact the blog, inform them of their addition and ask them to participate. Please Click Here to get a Javascript code to add in your page (to link to us).